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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Walking Wilde Lake

We have had some incredibly hot weather of late.  But the day I took this walk around Wilde Lake, which we can see from our apartment, it was a gorgeous low humidity, moderate temperature day.

Come along with me.

Below the dam at the start of the walk around is this old stone building which I think may have been a spring house for the farmhouse we see at the end of the walk.  Now it's a gathering point for summer day camp.

Here's the lake from the top of the dam.

Across the lake once we start circling it we can see the top of an old barn.

One stretch of the path is mulched in front of some white town homes.

At one point we leave the lakeside to walk along the sidewalk because houses are built on the lake.  Here I spied this doe munching.

She must not like hosta because they were undisturbed.

The path comes back to lake side.

A view of the houses on the lake.

Here are the white town homes we walked by on the mulched path.

Here is the old barn we saw from the other side.

If you are familiar with Laura Lippman's book "Wilde Lake" I think this is the house that figures in the story.  I think the springhouse belongs to it or did.

It's been added on to quite a bit.

Almost at the end of the walk is the dockside.

The Columbia Association which owns the lake and parkland surrounding it does a nice job with the flowers.

Hope you enjoyed the walk.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Jones Point Park

Friday, July 14th Dan and I took a break from the regular day routines to be tourists in Alexandria, Va.

Here is one of the spots we stopped by to see:

Much of the park is under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge which spans the Potomac from National Harbor, MD to Alexandria, VA.

As the photo above says there's lots of history in this place.  The rudder below was evidence of WWI history.

We followed the trail through the park reading the history signs.  These markers mark the original boundary.  This part of the District of Columbia was returned to VA.

The pathway around the point on an incredibly hot day.

View of the Potomac River from the old lighthouse.

Joining Fences

More boundary markers.

The original is encased below that glass lid.

Remember my writing about Benjamin Banneker.  He was involved with survey the District of Columbia.

I was surprised to see Maryland on this side of the Potomac.

This stone answered my question.

Heading back under the bridge after circling the point.

The park was well used.  We spied mothers with strollers in exercise groups, cyclists, joggers, walkers, basketball players and even in line skaters.  There was even a restroom.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Friday, July 14th Dan and I took a break from the regular day routines to be tourists in Alexandria, Va.

Here is one of the first spots we stopped by to see. We crossed the Woodrow Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River and took the exit for Alexandria.  we were looking for a cemetery but happened upon the Jones Point Park, a National Park, under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Here are the bridge photos.  I'll share more of the park in another post.

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